weaver child development center educational philosophy

Weaver Child Development Center Educational Philosophy

The Weaver Child Development Center is a Reggio-inspired, Christian preschool & primary school.

We exist:

  • to provide a developmentally appropriate education to your children in a Christian atmosphere
  • to advocate for children and families in our society
  • to support and educate families of the children we serve
  • to embrace families of all ethnic origins
  • to model appropriate early childhood education practices for future teachers

It is our philosophy that each child is a unique creation of God and the program is planned to meet each child’s needs. The foundations of all later learning are laid during the early years and intelligence develops as it is nurtured. A young child learns best in a supportive, safe atmosphere that encourages a variety of learning experiences and generates a feeling of value and self-esteem. Through guidance, in a loving environment, each child can develop his/her God-given talents. Loving, caring adults are vital to children’s growth and serve as models as well as facilitators of learning. Children with special needs and/or abilities are considered for this program on an individual basis.

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