The Top 20 Reasons parents say that the Weaver Child Development Center is such an amazing school:

  • Christian foundation… Jesus Christ is the head of our school, and prayer is commonplace within our walls.
  • Highly-degreed teachers… all teachers are degreed in Early Education and many have Masters degrees.
  • Low student-to-teacher ratio… more one-on-one time with each child.
  • Reggio-Emilia philosophy… our children are co-creators of their own knowledge.
  • Immersive Learning… classes “immerse” themselves in a topic and learn about it from multiple aspects.
  • Arts programs… our students get in-depth Art and Music classes.
  • Small class sizes… our students feel valued and important; like part of a family.
  • “Lab” School Setting…“Education” majors from local universities are in our classrooms to learn and help.
  • Involved Parents and Families… our students benefit from the skills and knowledge of other families.
  • Child-centered curriculum… our projects and experiments are driven by the students’ interests
  • Social and Emotional Development… our students learn how to treat others with kindness and respect.
  • Independent Choices… our students get to learn at their own pace.
  • Hands-on Activities… our children learn from experiences, not worksheets.
  • Play-based Learning… our students learn while having fun, a more efficient and effective way to learn.
  • A staff that loves children… our students feel cherished and appreciated.
  • Community Involvement… our students see how they play an important role in the lives of others.
  • A long history… established in 1975.
  • Multi-age Learning Projects… our students learn from older and younger children.
  • Plenty of hugs…our children are loved unconditionally for their gifts as well as their challenges.
  • You!… This school wouldn’t be what it is today without people like you and your child to help us grow.


“My daughter’s love for learning and school has grown exponentially during her years @ Weaver CDC.
-T. H.

“God could not have put us in the company of better people when He brought us to Weaver!”
-N. G.

“My daughter’s love for going to school is a huge part due to your understanding & creativity in making learning fun.”
-B. Z.

“Thanks for passing along all of your Christian values to our daughter.”
-J. B.

“God is clearly using you to make a positive impact on the lives of many little ones!”
-M. B.

“Wow, what a great year it’s been & what great teachers my child has been blessed with! We thank God for you & your influence on our child. Thank you!”
-A. W.

“My daughter truly loves being in school & that is the best feeling a mom could have!”
-G. C.

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